Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Impaired Phones

People suffering from hearing loss or impacted by SSHL (Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss) due to any traumatic episode can’t use common smartphones. Instead, they should use amplified phones or hearing-impaired phones through which they can easily communicate with others.

When using an amplified phone, you need not worry about communication problems. You can initiate a conversation with your loved ones and speak at length with them without asking for repetition.

On average, 3.6 million people across Australia suffer from some kind of hearing loss. You’d be shocked to know that people with a hearing impairment are likely to touch an unwanted figure of 7.8 million by 2060 in the country.

Besides reducing their ability to hear things clearly, hearing impairment also reduces their confidence to converse openly. Fortunately, technology can help improve their lives without a huge investment.

In the subsequent sections, you’ll learn more about phones that can augment your hearing capacity.

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Impact Of Hearing Loss

People with hearing impairment have to go through lots of struggles in their day-to-day life. As a result, it badly impacts their mental well-being. Recent studies have shown that people with hearing impairment often feel depressed and anxious. They also get isolated as their friends and relatives find repeating what they already said hard.

Amplified phones can help them listen to what others are saying without any difficulties. So even if you are using hearing aids, you should still use these phones. Though these phones are available in both variants—with a cord and without a cord—cordless phones will be better.

These phones come with multiple features that make them user-friendly to the deaf and people with hearing impairments.

Here Are The Top Features Of Amplified Phones Which Make Them So Popular Among People Having Hearing Trouble:

  • These devices come with greater volume levels and pitch control.
  • You can increase the ringer and speaker volume during a live call.
  • These phones are hearing aid compatible.
  • You can connect the device to a headset.
  • The phone alerts you if the device hasn’t been disconnected properly.
  • A flashlight facility to indicate when you receive an incoming call.
  • The availability of extra-large number buttons for easy dialing.

What’s So Special About Hearing Impaired Communication Devices

Besides the essential features mentioned above, Hearing Impaired Phones also have a special feature: outgoing speech amplification. This feature allows you to speak slowly or even whisper while talking to someone over the phone. As a result, the receiver would still clearly grasp what you are speaking and can hear you better.

People suffering from SSHL or hearing impairment often speak too softly or slowly sometimes. It makes it frustrating for the person on the other end to understand their words properly. In such a case, a device like an amplified phone can do wonders.

Another important function of amplified phones is amplification range. Based on the level of your hearing difficulties, you can choose an amplification range from 50 to 95 decibels. If you don’t know much about it, consult a licensed ENT specialist to decide the suitable decibel level range for you.

When Should You Buy An Amplified Phone?

If you have been facing hearing difficulties for quite some time, it’s high time you checked it. Only a licensed hearing specialist and determine the degree of hearing loss and the device you need.

You need to first assess whether you have mild hearing loss or severe one.

How many times do you ask your loved ones to repeat themselves while talking to you over the phone? If you do it once in a while, then there’s nothing to worry about. But if you constantly ask them to repeat what they already stated, you should consult a hearing specialist at the earliest.

Similarly, if you always turn up the volume button while listening to the radio or watching television, it means something is not right with your ear. Also, if you avoid talking to people over the phone because you are unable to hear what the other person is saying from the other end, it means your ears need to be properly checked and investigated.

In Conclusion

It’s always tricky to take the first step. If you’ve any apprehension about your hearing problem, take help from an expert. Based on the hearing test and audiometry result, your doctor will declare if you suffer from mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss. Only then should you decide the types of amplified phones you need for communication.

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