Facebook Home App In-Depth Review [Video]

So the Facebook phone turned out to be a Facebook Home app for Android devices. There was great speculation about whether the giant social networking service was actually going to announce a new phone tailored around their website. Even though it looked plausible, it turned out that it wasn’t to be. Facebook has said before that they are not working on a smartphone, and they’ve reassured us again that they aren’t. Maybe this time we will actually believe them.

What is the Facebook Home app, and how can it change the way we use their social networking service on our phone? The app is actually quite impressive once you start looking at what it has to offer. Most of us here at Bit Rebels don’t use an Android phone, but this Facebook Home app is interesting nonetheless. Hopefully Facebook is already working on a iOS Facebook Home app that every iPhone user can use as well. We’ll see how that turns out.

In order to take a closer look at this app, we could consult an in-depth review by The Verge. It’s a simple and straightforward demo of what the Facebook Home app can do, and why you should start using it. The features may not be groundbreaking or inventive in any way, but they will definitely help you to keep in touch with your friends in a whole lot more optimized way. Your timeline is there from the start, and you will have no trouble instantly injecting yourself into the immersive feeling the Facebook Home app offers.

Similar to the Home button on an iPhone, the Facebook Home app has a centralized virtual button on the screen from which you can pretty much reach every possible feature the app has to offer. This makes the app a whole lot easier to use, and it enables one-hand operation of the app whenever you only have one hand available. This is something that more applications should start to implement. We have to fiddle around with weird and unoptimized controls which makes the app less useful in our daily lives if we have to use both your hands. The Facebook Home app has plenty of great features to offer, so have a look at this 14-minute video and become a pro within minutes. Is Facebook about to become even more accessible in our world? This app may actually make that a possibility.

The Verge’s Facebook Home App Video Review