FatTag Deluxe: Lets You Tag ANYTHING With An iPhone

Graffiti is one of the coolest yet most illegal activities you can embark on if you’re an artist or designer. Of course, there are several types of graffiti, and it all isn’t exactly nice looking and meticulously done. Having traveled around the world, I have seen some rather cool designs and some really awful ones. The ones that cause the most damage are the tags. A tag is like a trademark and is done in large quantities, but of course there is a more environmentally aware way of tagging.

Yeah, it’s kinda a lame to refer to tagging in a environmentally aware way but it’s true. This is far more non destructive and makes any surface a potential tagging spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s an entire building or just your garage door. Tagging this way will enable you to tag anything.

FatTag Deluxe is an app that is created to make tagging possible without using spray paint. All you need is an iPhone and a projector and you’re all set. Oh, and don’t forget to download the app that makes the whole setup work. A little bit of DIY is required though before you can jump up on a roof top and start plastering your tags all over. Imagine taking along a little Pico projector and your iPhone all bundled with the FatTag app and some connectors. You’d have your very own entertainment system ready to keep you and your friends busy for hours.

If you want to create your own FatTag Deluxe system just follow these (scroll down) instructions and you’ll be all set. Just don’t forget to keep your location hidden when you tag in public. You can easily piss some people off and it’s a good thing to remain hidden, and keep the power button for the projector close in case you panic.

Header Image by insanemaxi