Finding The Right Industrial Doors For Your Business

Industrial doors are vital for any business, providing important safety functions and much-needed efficiency. The right industrial doors also help you keep your goods safe and secure. A business often requires more than one type of industrial door so it’s important to be aware of which ones will be suitable to meet your needs. To help you find the right industrial doors for your business, first you’ll have to figure out what their main advantage needs to be, whether that’s saving space, quick access, or creating a temperature controlled environment.

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Industrial doors often take up a considerable amount of space once you factor in all of the operating mechanisms that accompany them. Industrial sectional doors are ideal if you’re looking for a space-saving option. They open vertically and when the door is opened the sections lie flat underneath the ceiling, taking up minimal space whether the door is being used or not. Usually manufactured out of steel and aluminum, sectional doors will withstand heavy use despite their light profile.

Industrial sectional doors also have the added benefit of efficient thermal insulation to protect from heat or cold loss, making them the idea external door for a temperature controlled environment.

Temperature Control

If your business requires a temperature controlled environment, you’ll need to invest in both internal and external doors that offer this feature. Strip curtains allow people and vehicles to pass through easily, whilst minimizing temperature loss, making it the ideal choice for businesses that require a temperature controlled environment like food production or cold storage.

If your entire premises need to be temperature controlled then, as mentioned above, sectional doors have thermal insulation, allowing you to maintain a consistent temperature in the building.


Keep your premises safe and secure at all times by installing rolling shutters. There is a wide range of industrial rolling shutters available on the market that will ensure that the building can be accessed quickly while being secure enough to protect the building from unwarranted entry when fully-closed. A number of different industries can benefits from installing rolling shutter or rolling grilles on-site including warehouses, shopping centers, commercial buildings, and agriculture.

Quick Access

For areas with heavy footfall or traffic, a door that allows quick access will save your business valuable time and optimize the flow of traffic on your premises. High-speed doors offer high opening and closing speeds to minimize heat loss and optimize your logistics. High-speed doors are also available in combination with our sectional doors and rolling shutters for added security to external doors.

Safety and Maintenance

Whatever type of industrial doors will be the right choice for your business, the one thing that they all have in common the safety standards they must meet. As an employer, you must ensure that all of the doors in the business comply with the relevant regulations. In line with Regulations 5 and 18 of the Workplace Regulations 1992, all shutter, roller shutter doors, and industrial doors must be regularly maintained and inspected in order to be deemed fit for purpose.

You are also responsible for ensuring that any doors affected by Regulation 5 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 have an up-to-date maintenance log.

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