FlashBike: The Only Way To Roll With Your Flash Memory

There are many designs that have graced the small flash memories that we carry with us on a daily basis. It’s like we take pride in giving our files a nice, stylish place to stay while we transport them from A to B. Some are radical, while others are plain or exclusive. The original designs were boring and stiff, but there are so many new designs today that I am sure no one knows the full scope of it all. There is one that stands apart from the rest.

That flash memory is designed by Alex Naboko and is called “FlashBike.” It’s a rad design, and it has a little bit of that Harley Davidson badboy attitude about it. The function of it is also quite unique. Just like with a regular motorcycle wheel you roll out the actual flash connector from within the wheel cover.

This awesome flash memory of course comes in several different colors and designs, so you will most definitely find one that matches your liking. It also has a little key chain loop for you to attach the flash memory to your key chain. It’s secure, easy and rad. What else could you want in a flash memory key chain design? Plus, it brings out the biker in you.