Flexible Display Gadget Yuom Showcased At CES 2013

It has long been debated whether or not Samsung would be able to bring their OLED flexible display into an actual device. What would it look like, and would flexibility even impact mobility at all? There are a million questions that need to be answered. During this year’s CES 2013 event, it was time for Samsung to reveal their secret OLED flexible display. It was now or never in a sense. Would the audience be impressed or would they not get it? I guess we could sit here and debate what an OLED flexible display could be used for until infinity. That’s not what this article is about of course. We are more interested in seeing what Samsung has actually been able to achieve with their new flexible display prototype gadget called Yuom.

People from all around the world came to see what could be a breakthrough in technology, and what could change smartphones and mobile gadgets forever. During Samsung’s presentation, a Youm was showcased. The auditorium was dead silent aside from a few cameras trying to capture the moment. As the presenter showed the thin OLED screen and the vibrant colors it had, there was virtually no reaction from the audience. It wasn’t until the flexible display was bent back and forth, just like a piece of paper, that the audience went wild.

There’s no doubt Samsung has a piece of groundbreaking technology in their pocket, and the potential uses for this flexible display are virtually unlimited. They later moved on to show off the different uses it could have in a video. I am sure most of us can’t wait to see what they create with this mind blowing technology. We have all seen a flexible display before, but only in a static mode (aside from a short video released by Samsung about a year ago). These flexible displays might even make Apple tremble since they have way more innovation than they have been able to push out in the last couple iterations of iPhones. We here at Bit Rebels will definitely keep a close eye on the development of incorporated OLED flexible displays in Samsung’s gadgets. The future is now!

Samsung’s OLED Flexible Display Gadget Youm