Flexible Waste Basket: One Less Trip To The Garbage Can

If you are like me, you doodle down your new designs on a piece of paper before you get to work. Sometimes it can be a wasteful business though since you end up using up a lot of paper that will only get thrown away, but it goes with the job when designing websites, logos, etc. There is; however, one thing that always makes me a little annoyed. That is, when the waste basket is literally overflowing with crumbled up paper, and you have to drag your butt all the way out to the garbage can to throw it all away.

Sure, you could probably push it all down in there, only to make room for another 3-4 hours of bad designs and wasteful thinking. However, there is a better way. It’s the flexible waste basket called the “Push-Up.” Even though it has nothing to do with a push up (or I might have missed something) it’s quite a unique and smart design that will save you a few minutes each day.

When the basket starts to get full, all you do is grab the top of it and press it down. The content of the basket will get mushed together, and there will be yet more room for your unbearable design mistakes. When you release the top of the waste basket, it will return to its original shape, and you will be ready to throw more in there. This design, created by Sung-Hyeun Shin, Jeong-Hoon Cha & Chang-hyeun Lee, won the prestigious design award iF Concept Design 2010. I think it is a brilliant idea, and I am hoping we will soon see these badboys in the stores.