Geek Bonanza: Flexible Keyboard For Your Smart Phone!

Are you one of those people that constantly complains about the touch screen keyboards that come with most of the smart phones these days? Well, you’re in luck cause I am going to visually treat you with something that might capture your interest. Some people just like that hardware keyboard in front of the touch keyboard. It has something to do with the way you are used to do things.

This is a new and ultimately cool flexible keyboard that you can easily roll up and put in your backpack or bag. It’s not slimmed down or anything. It’s just the base that has become flexible to make it more manageable. It will make all that typing a whole lot easier for sure.

I have friends who send more than 3,000+ sms’s a month, and typing those on a device that has no real keyboard (if you’re used to one) is surely an annoyance. This keyboard is a bluetooth one, so you will only have to swing it up on the table, connect it through bluetooth, and off you go. It couldn’t get any more simple than that really. Type away, but think about that bill that will hit you at the end of the month. You can get it at USB.Brando for only $40.