Flying Drone Captures Oil Spill In 360° Interactive View

Earth is in a state of shock right now, and it’s bleeding heavily, all thanks to BP’s greed for money and lack of security measures. We’ll just have to see if she will ever recover from this. As it looks now, BP isn’t the one who’s going to save her, not even close. Therefore, the rest of the world is taking this epic clean up mission on their shoulders, and we will do what we can to help in order to save the wildlife that Earth has lent us for a limited time.

In order to oversee the damage done by the BP oil spill, scientists are doing everything they can to capture the spill by either satellites or by aerial photography. Even the “little people” are doing what they can to help photograph the hazardous environmental disaster.

A team of aerial photographers, perspectiveAerials, is trying to help by building a four propeller drone that is remote controlled. It holds a modified Canon 5D Mark II camera, which enables them to capture 360° interactive view photos. The pictures are high definition, and it’s a huge leap for the scientists who are trying to piece together what has happened in the gulf. Sadly though, the only thing that BP is doing is spending money on strengthening their brand after all the negativity they have rightfully earned. Just sad…