Follow Sites…Visually!

As I am a Internet fanatic and probably should attend one of those addiction focus groups I wanted to find a faster way to feed my appetite for visual content and great Internet value. I have long wanted to find a way to non disruptively manage a group of websites I visit daily and to easily judge by the content if I have time or the energy to check it out. It might sound a little “time”-dramatic but I usually find myself in the hands of seconds when I want to put my “Awesomeness Defined“-seal on a website.

I came across something that I was more than happy to find. Something that revolutionized my way of surfing, or should I say follow. Some would say it is right up there with Alltop and RSS feeds but I feel this one deserves its own category for coolness and simplicity.

The site I found is SPECTIVES. This website enables you to add your favorite websites and the updates automatically as soon as a new article or post is published. This might sound like any old RSS retriever or gatherer but I asure you it ain’t. It doesn’t collect articles or text. It collects the images in the articles and let you browse those in order to tell if the articles i visually appealing to you.

Such a unique way to spark your interest and I am an addict to the site already. It lets me check out the visual standards of the article before I even check it out. And as a designer this is certainly a great leap forward. I don’t know how many times I have checked out some design blogs and found that there is nothing visually appealing in there and yet I read the text. For me a website should be visually appealing and spark your interest through the eyes before mesmerizing the visitor while reading it.

What’s really nice with the website as well is that it has pre-defined categories that you can just browse through and find even more sites that you haven’t found yet due to always checking out the same ole ones over and over again. Makes for really genuine and smart execution to solve a problem that most designers have. Simply awesome!