Forget The Segway! DTV Shredder Is WAY Cooler!

Although I have never tried out a Segway, I have always felt that it looked kind of unstable. After seeing the leads of clips on YouTube where people that fall, crash or look plain stupid riding them, I have never had the urge to really seek one out and try it. A statement like that is probably a bit risky since I know there are many Segway enthusiasts out there that, of course, think otherwise. However, if I could just get your attention for a few minutes I know you will know what I mean when I say that I might possibly have found the one thing that is way cooler.

It’s called a DTV Shredder, and it is a terrain vehicle without comparison. It’s one of those vehicles you thought just existed in movies as made up gadgets, just like all the Batman stuff if you know what I mean. It’s somewhat what you get if you cross a skateboard with a tank. The robust power (48hp) of the rotary combustion engine and the look of it make it the ultimate geek gadget to impress your friends on the ski slope or in the dirt track.

It will work on any terrain, and if you don’t have fun with this one, I honestly don’t know what you should get. Just the look of it makes the sport all sexy. Imagine ripping across a dirt field at 60 mph and know that only a steep valley will end your journey (and most likely smash your wonder toy into a million pieces). What does it cost? Who knows, but you can put down a $250 down payment to get on the waiting list. If you want additional information I think you have to get in touch with the creators of this badass shredder. You will get it over at BPG-WERK. Feel the engine! FEEL IT!