This Intelligent Suitcase Is Your Luggage Segway

Traveling just got a lot more relaxing! This suitcase, called Olive, is a traveler’s dream. The features implemented will make your travels a fun and stress-free experience. Why? Because this intelligent suitcase does not only take care of itself by following you around but also allows you to ride it as a Segway. All those times when you had to run to the gate not to miss your flights are over. Just hop on the suitcase and ride it all the way to your gate. It doesn’t get any more relaxing than that!

Even though Olive looks like a perfectly ordinary suitcase, it is far from it. It uses advanced sensors and cameras along with a GPS to locate obstacles around it. It can talk to you, and it will follow you around giving you advice about your traveling schedule. It also uses a self-balancing auto-locomotion system, 3D accelerometers, and gyroscopes to allow you to ride it somewhat like a Segway.

Olive is the brainchild of Ikap Robotics and is the world’s first truly intelligent suitcase. It connects to its owner’s smartphone or other devices using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via a downloadable app. It also has an automatic lock/unlock mechanism to prevent theft should it be left unattended (which you should never do in an airport.)

Even though this intelligent suitcase is not finished yet, development has come quite far. The people behind Ikap (still a startup company) says, however, that they are currently looking for investors and collaborators to take the development of Olive further.

There is no word on when Olive will be ready for market or how much this intelligent suitcase will cost. We will keep an eye on this project and update you with that information when it’s made available.

Have a look at the video below to check out Olive’s most impressive features. It’s a nifty suitcase but will it have a place on your travels? Let us know in the comment section below.

Olive – The Ultimate Intelligent Suitcase

Intelligent Suitcase Olive Segway

Intelligent Suitcase Olive Segway