How A Free VPN Helps You Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi is now being offered almost everywhere and on paper, it sounds pretty great. However, there is one minor problem with it. Due to its open nature, it is vulnerable and can be hacked by any skilled individual. Que VPN.

Once they successfully breach the network, they can manipulate any and all connected devices and can misuse whatever information they get their hands on. However, this does not mean that you should give up on public Wi-Fi altogether. It just means that you need to take precautions to keep the hackers at bay.

Now, there are a lot of ways to deal with this problem, but the best and safest way to completely bypass hackers is to a VPN and to choose the best VPN software. They can come in pretty handy in these situations and can help in a lot of different ways. We have tried to outline their importance by discussing how they help keep you safe from the prying individuals.

Security Protocols

VPNs come equipped with multiple security layers that help you stay safe from anyone trying to sneak in. Take for example; it is available for no cost whatsoever, and once you install it on your device, all of your activity is hidden from the hackers. Usually, VPNs go for P2P protocols, but now they’ve started to expand.

Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) is being used worldwide, Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is making a name for itself as well, and then we have Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP), which is also gaining its footing.

All of these are pretty dependable security protocols that allow you to stay hidden from anyone looking to hack into your device. At the moment, there are a very few VPNs that are offering all of these security protocols, but due to increase in popularity and utility of VPNs, you will soon see all of them become available in VPN solutions.

Hidden IP

[pullquote]Not only does VPN utilize security protocols but they also hide your IP as soon as you activate them.[/pullquote] Almost every VPN out there comes with the auto IP hide feature. Once you activate a VPN, your IP is changed to a new one and your original/actual IP is hidden. This makes your online activity completely untraceable, hence keeping you safe from the hackers.

New Server Location

To turn things even further in your favor, VPNs allow you to change your server location to a completely different country as well. You might be operating in the US, but with the help of a VPN, you can change your server to another country which could be located in an entirely different region. As soon as you switch your server to a new location, your activity becomes encrypted with the aforementioned security protocols, hence keeping you safe.

So, the bottom line is, if you’re looking to make use of public Wi-Fi, then it is important that you seek help from a VPN. With their diverse security protocols, hidden IP feature, and different server locations, you will not have to worry about a thing as all of your activity will be hidden from the prying eyes.

Free VPN Public Wi-Fi Security – Stay Safe!

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