Fun Effects To Add To Your iPad Photos

One technology trend that’s certainly taken off in the last few years is the portable photo booth. No, we’re not talking about those hulking things you can sometimes still find in shopping malls. The portable photo booths of today are simply thin discs or small, squarish boxes on stands several feet off the ground.

Professional photographers can take them with them anywhere and rent them out for a multitude of events, including weddings, birthday parties, and corporate gatherings. Now, if you’re a photographer who’s looking to get into the photo booth rental industry, you have a few options as far as the style of camera you want in your booth.

You can go with a DSLR photo booth, which of course includes a digital single-lens reflex camera. You can also get an iPad photo booth if that format is more your style. iPads, of course, are tablet computers that have a massive collection of photo-editing options available for users.

You can check out the photo booth company HootBooth to see a range of DSLR and iPad photo booths available for sale. In the meantime, we’re focusing on the iPad photo booth in this post, specifically, some of the fun and cool effects that professional photographers can add to the photos they take of their customers at various events.

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Basic Editing

We’re going to assume no one reading this knows anything about iPad photo editing. That way, we can start off simply and work our way up to some slightly more advanced features. One basic photo effect you can introduce to your iPad photos is the ability to remove the red-eye effect from your subjects’ eyes.

This is caused by the camera flash reflecting in people’s retinas. Other basic editing tools include cropping, photo filters, and light adjustments. These are pretty much standard across all smart devices that take photos, so there should be no surprises here.

Crazier Stuff

There’s really a ton of stuff you can do with iPad photos. If you’ve taken Live Photos (those photos that play a moving image for a brief moment), you can add effects such as action loops and long exposures, which blur the motion of the Live Photos. One particularly fun effect we think photo booth renters will enjoy is the iPad’s Slo-Mo feature.

For this, you just need to open a video and select where you want the slow-motion to begin and end. For all the photographers out there who regularly work weddings and other events: have your customers do some crazy things on video and then slow part of it down to give them a memory they’ll never forget. There are lots of chances for some great humor here.

Of course, you’ll find some of the most fun and unusual photo-editing tricks from free third-party apps in the App Store. PicsArt Photo Studio, for instance, is a cool little app that lets you add graphics, filters, text in various fonts, and other effects to your photos.

Take a bunch of selfies and create a collage out of them, filter your photos into various colored tones, and add holiday effects such as snow. All these tools are easy to use in the editor, and we think you’ll have a good time trying out everything this app has to offer.

Split Pic is another iPad-compatible app that will offer your photos some unique perspectives. As its name suggests, Split Pic can break your photos up into numerous combinations of sectors. You can mirror your images, place multiple shots of yourself next to one another so it looks like you have twins, and add artistic effects to existing photos.

Some of these effects look pretty glossy and professionally done, so we think you’ll really enjoy using the Split Pic app. We’ll detail one more photo-editing app for you here. EyeEm is a great app for all those who enjoy photo filters. This app features 24 filters that you can adjust as you like for vignette, color saturation, and color contrast.

Your results from EyeEm have the potential to look absolutely gorgeous, so definitely devote some of your time to this one. These descriptions only scratch the surface of the photo-editing tools available out there for iPads.

If you’re a professional photographer looking to purchase an iPad photo booth to start up a rental business, you’d do well to familiarize yourself with your options so you can offer your customers whatever they want in their shots. Being a master of iPad photo editing should ideally lead to you becoming an in-demand photo booth renter.

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