Fuse | The concept Phone that will rival all else!

The iPhone has been in style now for quite a long time and now has over 100,000 apps and over 3 billion apps downloaded from the App Store. But, I must say that there isn’t many apps that I have, yet, been overly amazed about except some first person shooters recently released. I am still waiting for that “kick-all-else” application that you just HAVE to have on your iPhone. We’ll see, maybe it turns up soon and I will go nuts about it.

Blackberry though is barely hanging in there and if I may be so bold as to out my opinion I don’t see it rivaling the success of the iPhone anytime soon as the iPhone has become such a force and icon in the business of touch phones. The only way I see the Blackberry to really gain on the iPhone is if they do something radical that will give people an undeniable reason to switch. Unless that happens I pretty much think that the Blackberry will keep on declining from it’s second place on the cool chart.

But, then we have “Fuse“. A new concept phone from the company Synaptics Website. When watching a demo of the phone it looks like one of the coolest little gadgets around. Yeah sure it’s a concept phone and not yet functional but the features it sports is just amazing. Some, I am sure, would just call it “eye candy” but if you look beyond that and try to see the real implementations of these features you’ll quickly understand that this will be huge when (if it does) it comes out on the market.

So, synaptics, we’d like to check it out close up so if you have one working send it over to us and we’ll make sure to give it a royal run through our gadget geek lab testing facility.

I personally can’t wait to check one out for real just to see what powers it has. Maybe it will even sport a lightsaber or a “Beam Me Up Scotty”-feature. In whatever case it looks awesome and the “eye candy” is just a plus.

Fuse - Concept Phone