Future Gaming Technology Will Blow Your Mind [Video]

If you want to see how fast technology is evolving, one of the easiest ways to visualize it is to follow the developments in gaming. Just a few days ago, we saw articles released everywhere about how Microsoft Kinect set the new Guinness World Record for the fastest selling gaming system ever. Keep in mind; Kinect was just released last November. It is now officially the “fastest-selling consumer device.” If you haven’t checked out the Kinect yet, I highly recommend it.

Right about the same time as Guinness World Record officials were solidifying Kinect’s accomplishments, Epic Games was releasing what they think will be the future of gaming at the Game Developers Conference 2011. All I can say is… holy ba-jeeeezus. After watching this video below, I am shocked that I was completely entertained to play Pac-Man for hours on end back in the day. Gaming has developed at such a fast rate that you really can’t even compare the two anymore. It’s like apples and oranges. This even makes my Wii look outdated, even though Wii graphics have never been their strong point.

These are real-time computer graphics, not some cheesy premade graphics. This demo took three months and twelve programmers to build. This is next-generation console technology for sure. You can learn more of the geeky details at Venture Beat. All I can say is… Wow.

Next Generation Gaming is Amazing