4 iPhone Accessories & Gadgets That Allow Us To Be Forgetful

Did you lose your keys again? Maybe you can’t remember if you turned the lights on or off when you left. Fear not. More and more tech is emerging that allows iPhone users to be either forgetful or lazy. Some of us don’t even want to get up to turn the lights off or lock our own doors.

Most of us like the innovation in locking our front doors from Bangladesh or turning our porch lights off from a fighter jet. It’s finally a reality that tech serves as enough of a convenience so we don’t have to remember the mundane things in life.

I put together a small list of innovative iPhone accessories and gadgets that can improve your life without you ever having to disconnect from your barrage of texting or tweeting at the Kardashians. Beware though, they may make you become more forgetful.

1. Lockitron

This handy piece of tech, which coincidentally sounds like the surname of a Transformer, can lock and unlock the deadbolt to your front or back door with the push of an iPhone app button. The Lockitron was initially a Kickstarter project that flew solo, seeking crowd funding in order to get the project off the ground. Within 24 hours, the Lockitron became a reality and was showcased at CES 2013.



2. ShareKey

Don’t trust the plumber with your spare key after watching that creepy horror flick? A house key app under development for smartphones lets users wave their phones at doors to unlock them. The app, called ShareKey, also allows its owners to electronically share keys with a house guest, technician or booty call — and to attach certain limits to that access.


3. Stick-N-Find

Haven’t gotten the ShareKey app yet and lost your house keys? This sick accessory consists of tiny Bluetooth-enabled, coin-sized discs that you stick directly onto an object and then track them through an app. The app transforms your smartphone into a radar screen so you can track the location of the sticker. If you have the memory of Pooh Bear you can track up to 20 stickers at one time. The app will be available for both iOS and Android.


4. WeMo Light Switch

Whether you walked out in a hurry and forgot to hit the switch or you simply want to make the mood a little sexier, this app allows smartphone users to adjust their lighting remotely. Not into romance but you need burglars to think you might be home? The WeMo Light Switch’s remote capabilities allow users to turn lights on and off from any destination (within reason of course – I don’t think outer space counts but who’s to say).


What Tech Do You Use That Allows You To Be Forgetful?

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