Jet Vest: Personal Flight Just Became Mainstream

Humans have always been fascinated with the ability to fly. Every year we’ve seen progress in aviation technology, and the aircraft that enables us to fly from continent to continent is getting ever larger. One might start to wonder where it will all end. One thing we haven’t mastered just yet is personal flight. We have covered it a lot of times here on Bit Rebels, and with every new concept, it seems humans are getting closer to cracking the algorithm for optimized and sustained personal flight. So far we can stay in the air for about 15 minutes tops with some of the jet packs available today, but they are not cheap. That is something the people behind the Jet Vest are trying to change, significantly.

A new jet vest from Jet Machines Extreme is trying to revolutionizing personal flight in a pretty impressive way. The guys behind Jet Machine Extremes, Dieter Sturm and Jeff Seymour, just launched a Kickstarter project that will blow your mind. In order to further improve and make a fully working jet vest, they are trying to raise $30,000. It’s a pretty small amount of cash to finalize their already awesome jet vest if you ask me.

The look and feel of this jet vest should be enough for anyone to pledge really. And for good reason too since Jeff Seymour has been developing micro turbine designs for both the military and NASA, so they definitely know what they are doing. Personally, I think it would be a shame if we didn’t get to see this badboy become a mainstream personal flight jet vest that everyone could enjoy. Hopefully its price won’t be in the astronomical numbers. After all, personal flight could revolutionize the way we get from A to B without having to use our jammed up roads. If you are one of the people (just like me) who can’t wait for the day when a jet vest or jet pack becomes mainstream, you should definitely hop over to the jet vest’s Kickstarter page and pledge whatever you can in order to make this project succeed. Imagine, we can all change the future and how we transport ourselves. I can’t tell you how exciting that is.

Jet Machines Extreme’s Jet Vest Concept