Genius Digitally Exploding High Five Glove!

What else could you be doing at a company when your main objective is to find the coolest and most geeky news other than going around doing High Fives? Ok, quite a lot actually. But the ’90s were full of geeks and jocks trying to act cool by doing high fives as soon as they thought they had done something cool. Is it just me or do you feel a little bit awkward when someone suddenly raises their hand to make you do the high five? Whenever I end up in that situation, I never know what to do. I mean, why do you do the high five in the first place? Where did it come from, and who started it? I guess we’ll never know, but to me it’s still awkward.

The way that Eli Skipp, an outrageously awesome geeky girl, approaches the high five though is far more interesting. She’s created the world’s first exploding high five glove. It took her a week to pull it all together, but the demonstration shows that it’s working beautifully. With a bit of further development, the glove will be a lot less bulky and more efficient.

The technology behind the glove is quite interesting. It is tuned to sense a certain amount of pressure during a certain amount of time. If any of the variables don’t fit inside the range of the glove, it simply won’t make any sound. If you were to pat a friend on the back, for example, the glove would sense the lengthy pressure and simple stay idle. It’s a brilliant solution to a genius and fun little device.