3D Gesture Control Armband Enables Effortless Computer Interaction

While working here at Bit Rebels, we get to see a whole lot of cool stuff. Some things we can’t publish since we simply don’t have the time to publish it all. We need more guest writers to help us cover some of these cool things. We try to focus on topics that are on the very edge of technology since we think those things will push innovation further and help redefine technology in the future. One of the coolest things I have seen to date is this gesture control armband.

We have seen a whole lot of Kinect mods and hacks, and I predict that we’ll see a whole lot more of those once Kinect is updated to a tier two model, if that ever happens. There are of course gadgets that don’t use Kinect in order to bring you features you would think you’d only see in science fiction movies. This gesture control armband is one of those gadgets and innovations.

This armband is invented and presented by Thalmic Labs, and it enables you to control a computer using 3D gesture controls. It’s one of those mind-boggling gadgets that will make you look like Tom Cruise in Minority Report when using it. This gesture control armband doesn’t use Kinect or any visual detection device in order to calculate your movements, it only uses muscle activity detection. This way, the registering is instant and with the use of a bluetooth connection, the gesture controls are instantly transferred to the device you are trying to control.

This innovation could mean a whole lot more freedom when it comes to gesture controlling a computer, whether we’re talking about games, presentations or any other endeavor that you use computers for. It’s not insanely expensive either. In order to get one of these armbands dubbed MYO, all you need to pay is a geeky $149.00. You’ll be sporting one of the most hi-tech gesture control armbands in existence. You can preorder yours now.  So, will this make Kinect creator Microsoft tremble out of fear of losing gesture control market shares? I would think not. These armbands branch off in a completely different direction than the features of the Kinect.

MYO – 3D Gesture Control Armband