Use Google More Effectively: The Google Operators Guide [Infographic]

We write a lot about optimization, and how you can optimize your habits and routines to get more work done in fewer hours. Optimization is tricky because it’s not about cutting corners or being less effective. It’s about keeping the quality of your best practices high while doing them in a more optimized way. If you are an online marketer or anyone who likes online stats, this cheat sheet will help you use Google operators efficiently so you can extract more info in less time.

If you don’t know what Google operators are, I’ll explain them quickly. According to the Google’s Search Support, “If you’re not finding what you’re searching for after using our basic search tips, try a search operator. Add one of these symbols to your search terms in the Google search box to gain more control over the results that you see.”

If you want to learn more about this, you can click over to that page I linked above, or over here to Google Search Education. There is also a really good article about Google operators here on SEOMoz. If you are in the process of learning more about SEO, you will most likely find Google operators to be very helpful along the way. This infographic called Google Operators Cheat Sheet is by Wpromote. They used search operators to come up with the most popular blog categories which I wrote about yesterday.

What I like about this infographic is that in addition to explaining what each one is all about, it includes examples. There are more search operators than just these, so be sure to click on the links above if you want a more detailed list and more information. No need to memorize these, you can just print out this infographic and keep it handy. Good luck!

The Google Operators Guide

When you can’t find what you want with a basic search
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