6 Reasons We Think The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer Is Faultless

Smartphones now dominate the cell phone market, and smart vaporizers are beginning to take over in the vaping domain. Grizzly Originals set out to change the vaping market for good, and with the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer, they’ve definitely started out on their quest.

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer is a multi-functional portable vape, which no doubt you will have heard of before. It’s capable of use with dry herbs, waxes, e-liquids and other concentrates, so however you like to enjoy your vaping experience, it can cater for you.

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1. It’s ‘Smart’

However, what really sets the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer apart is its smart technology in multi-functionality. The three tanks included can be clipped on or off of the main vaporizer body, and once attached, the device will know which has been and adjust its heating and function to best suit it! There’s no effort or fiddling required by the user; the vaporizer has it covered.

2. It’s Multi-Functional

The three tanks that come with the main item convert it seamlessly into a dry herb vaporizer, a concentrate vaporizer, and an e-liquid vaporizer, so if you currently vape either of these or would like to try to in the future, the Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer is ideal for you. Its ergonomic design remains the same whatever you’re vaping, with a magnetic texturized rubber grip that’s designed to fit easily into the hand.

3. It’s Easy To Switch Between Uses

Each tank is easily threaded on to the base unit by twisting on clockwise and swapped out just as easily for another. The mouthpieces are made of borosilicate glass, connected with dual O-rings.

4. It Performs Fantastically

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer’s interior design is just as impressive. The dry herb tank chamber is made of ceramic and heats to full capacity in just 20 seconds. The concentrate coil is dual quartz, and the overall performance of the vape is fantastic no matter the tank being used.

5. Its Battery Is Great Quality

A removable 18650 battery gives a premier performance and should be charged for four hours before its first usage. What’s more, the battery is removable so can be replaced if ever required (or desired).

6. It Comes With Everything You Need

It can seem like the Grizzly Eclipse needs lots of add-ons, but there’s no need to worry: there are no pesky hidden costs here. Your initial purchase includes all three of the necessary tanks (that’s one for dry herbs, one for waxes, and one for liquids), a charging cable and an accessory pack. Grizzly Originals also offer a 1-year warranty as standard on the Grizzly Eclipse, but it doesn’t cover smashed glass – so be careful with the more delicate parts!

The Grizzly Eclipse Vaporizer by Grizzly Originals really ticks all the boxes you could hope for with a vape buy and more. This is truly a one-off – and we hope the product development continues on in this ilk!

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