A Simple Guide To Set Up A Home Theater System

Movie theaters used to be the only way you can watch the long-anticipated movie sequel you have been waiting for since forever. However, this is not the case anymore; many people are investing considerable amounts of money to enjoy the theater experience from their own living rooms. You no longer have to wait for your friends to free their schedule and go watch the movie while it is still showing in theaters.

With the home theater system, you get to decide on the day and time that works best for all of you. Once you buy the necessary equipment, you have to think about how to set everything up to be ready to plug and play. If you are not very good with handiwork, follow the below simple guide to help you in setting up your new home theater system.

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Get All The Necessary Extensions and Cables

This part can be tricky, since, to the untrained eye, all cables will look identical. However, you need to ask the salesperson about any extra extensions that you will need to buy on your own. Make sure you have all of your components when buying any new equipment because sometimes it can be very hard to find alternatives.

If you already have equipment that you can incorporate into your new home theater, it is better to do so, instead of having to buy new expensive replacements that you do not really need. Just make sure that all old cables and components you have are compatible with the new ones.

Think About Your Room Size

You need to consider your room size as this will affect the purchases you make, like the TV size and wall mounts. You need to have accurate measurements to know what will work for you and what will be out of the question. It is recommended to choose wall mounts for your home if you are constricted by limited space.

Instead of placing your TV on a huge table that will needlessly waste space, you can go about mounting it on a swivel mount to easily adjust it as you prefer. Your room measurement will also help you find the right speakers. You want it to have a movie theater experience without risking your sense of hearing.

Think About Your Home Theater Whereabouts In Your Home

If you have equal-sized rooms and figure that whichever one will be OK to set up your home theater system, you might want to consider the location of each room before you decide. Do not choose the room that is right next to your baby’s nursery, since the echo alone can give your baby a real scare. Also, choose the room that does not have any shared walls with your neighbors to avoid any potential troubles.

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

DVDs are not in high demand anymore. Most people depend on game consoles and streaming services to watch movies and TV series. To guarantee uninterrupted viewing, you need to make sure that your current internet subscription will support these demanding services. It can be a little costly; however, you already invested in a home theater system, so, make sure that you make the most out of it.  If you are concerned about the budget, you can look for offers from different internet providers as they usually have interesting deals with different streaming services.

Consider Lounge Furniture

You are creating a home theater for you and your friends to enjoy nights of binge-watching your favorite series; it is only fitting since you have the right lounging setup. Consider investing in a new cushion couch and a couple of recliners; these will be perfect for cozy movie nights that you want to spend with your family when it is cold outside. Direct your speakers to face your new couch, leaving a decent distance away from the TV for the ultimate viewing experience. The best distance is usually 2 times the screen size of the space between the couch and the TV. You can get what you need at a home theater seating sale, for example.

Synchronize Your Home Theater Components

The best thing about having compatible home theater components is that you can easily synchronize all of them for ease of use. Have one universal remote control or, better yet, download an app on your smartphone to control your home theater. This way you can control all of the different video inputs and easily flip between them.

Home theaters are a great alternative when you do not feel like going out but still want to enjoy watching an action movie. With the plethora of options available in the libraries of streaming service providers, you never have to get bored at home again. Bear in mind the above tips while setting up your new home theater system so you do not end up overlooking small yet important details that can make a world of difference.

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