Hacker Tip | Hide Your IP Address

Are you safe on the Internet? Do you feel as all your personal information is secured behind a firewall on your computer? Well, thing is that you are not. As soon as someone has your true IP address they can find out just about everything about you. Even down to the exact street your at right when you’re surfing the web. Hackers can use your IP address to create havoc for you not only on your computer but on the net as well. How you might ask? Well, they clone your IP address perpetrating themselves as you when they do something they shouldn’t be doing. It’s a certain degree of the term “Spoof”. What the word means in the world of hackers is:

Spoof – A trick that causes an authorized user to perform an action that violates system security or that gives away vital information to an intruder.

There are ways to be safe on the Internet though. There are ways to hide your IP address for any hacker or website. If you know just a little about the Internet you can utilize this really great website that “Spoofs” another IP addres thus hiding your real one. Usually a hacker updates their IP address several times an hour just to make sure any trace they might leave behind is as hard as possible to track.

How you can do this is quite simple. Just watch this clip and you will be well on your way to a secure way of browsing the Internet.