Hasselblad Camera: The Working Downloadable Version

If you consider yourself to be a photographer, and if you are even remotely interested in the ins and outs of different cameras, you should really know what Hasselblad is all about. It’s of course the world’s most sought after camera. The price tag for an old one is unbelievably high, yet the awesome quality and the distinct original images make it an enigma amongst photographers all around the world. It was also the camera (Hasselblad 500EL) that took the first images of a human standing on the moon.

Don’t expect to get one anytime soon if you don’t have a truck load of cash. Those puppies are held tightly by their owners, and if you come across one for sale, you should consider yourself truly lucky. But don’t despair, there are other ways to acquire your very own retro Hasselblad camera. All you really need is a computer, an Internet connection and a little bit of patience.

Well, on top of that you also need thick paper, a printer, scissors and some glue. Then you should be all set because you are now able to download your very own Hasseblad camera. And yes, it is fully functional and will take pictures that are just off the hook. The cool thing is that it works with the most common rolls of film, and you can roughly get about 12-14 pictures from each roll. But again, you need a lot of patience and when you print, cut and assemble your camera, you really, and I mean really, need to be careful and detailed.

The slightest light that enters the camera will ruin your images and of course make the camera entirely useless. Wouldn’t it be awesome to bring your own Hasselblad camera to the beach or to your next family gathering just to impress your relatives? I mean, sure they’ll see that it’s a paper model, but they will totally be impressed by the crafting skills and the fact that it’s actually taking real pictures. This awesome papercraft build comes designed and made available by Kelly Anwood. By downloading the 8 page booklet and instructions, you can now print the parts and add them to corrugated paper and then assemble the camera. The camera uses 35 mm film, and will have you snapping away in a matter of a couple days. Download the pdf booklet over at Kelly Anwood’s website.

Hasselblad Downloadable Camera Blueprint Design

Hasselblad Downloadable Camera Blueprint Design