Have you seen the awesome Tablet/Computer?

Apple is working hard on finalizing their new iSlate or Tablet (depending on who you talk to). Word is that they will most likely announce their tablet on their next keynote and everyone is holding their breath. Will it be as affordable as the iPhone or will it actually cost as much as the word on the street is, $1000? Well, we won’t know until their announcement, if even then.

However, while Apple furiously works away on their tablet there are others that have already taken the next big gadget to another level. How about a computer that has a tablet incorporated into it? Yup, “Lenovo Ideapad U1” does it really cool and gives you a multiuse computer. You can use it as a laptop and when you feel like it just take off the screen and it will become a tablet. How wonderful is that. So far it seems like they mention it while telling you about just reading books on the tablet but I am sure that it will have several other functions.

Watching this clip makes me quite excited over the year of 2010. The tech companies at CES has really stepped up this year trying to reach the bar set by Apple, or most like will be set, and it is a year to remember. I am sure we will see some rather revolutionary gadgets released this year. How about an iPhone controlled video helicopter? Yup, even that is represented at the CES this year. There’s no end to it really. Check this out and you’ll probably be as excited as I am!