Here’s The Luminous Wall That Will Replace The Light Bulb

There has long been a debate about the light bulb, and the energy it continuously uses. The LED light bulb is of course an option, and it keeps growing in popularity every year. The difference between the original light bulb and the LED light bulb is that LED lights consume way less energy and shine brighter than ordinary light bulbs. This is a huge reason for switching out all our light bulbs. It could potentially save us hundreds of dollars on our electrical bill, and that’s always good I guess. However, LED bulbs are a little slower to generate light. Once you hit that switch, the LED lamps, or at least the ones we usually buy, take a few minutes to shine at their peak level.

Soon light bulbs could be completely useless, at least if you ask the designers behind a new and revolutionary concept technology called Soft Cell Fabric. It’s basically a wall with embedded lights in it. Once the wall panels are fitted, your room will be filled with soft and comfortable lighting as soon as you hit the switch. This new and ultimately inspiring concept is, according to some of the designers at Philips (in collaboration with the danish textile company Kvadrat), the way of the future.

Not only will it be more cost effective for the owner, but it will also generate a more custom made light. I am sure once it hits the market full on, it will have a whole remote control where you can custom set the light on certain wall panels to light the room the way you want to, including letting the lights be completely off in some areas of the room. If that’s not the geekiest light source you have ever seen, I would certainly like to know what else you have for us to check out.

LED Wall Panel Light Source

LED Wall Panel Light Source

LED Wall Panel Light Source

LED Wall Panel Light Source


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    Greate idea which can be also be done with ALM . ALM is an aluminium LED matrix light panel for the best homogeneous bachklighting. It can also be used as ceiling or wall lighting source. Patent pending.


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