HEVO Power To Wirelessly Charge Your Electric Car In The Future

As electrical cars get more popular the demand for charging stations is ever more present, a universal solution must be invented. Most people don’t want to go through the endeavor of plugging in their cars every time they come home. We just want the car to be charged and ready to go at all times. Innovators and car manufacturers are hard at work trying to solve this problem, and Team HEVO has one of the most appealing solutions so far called HEVO Power.

If you are upgrading to an electrical car you want to optimize your lifestyle, not bring more work into it, right? The HEVO Power solution is exactly that solution, and it is one that could be implemented seamlessly into our world.

Imagine driving around town when suddenly the power alert lamp goes on, what to do? You will have to find a charging station so you can juice up that car for some quiet driving. The HEVO Power solution is what will definitely save you! By using the same design as our regular city manholes, team HEVO Power has been able to create a wireless charging station that you can utilize whenever you find the need to.

In the future, you will find these city manhole parking spots in your city which of course are the HEVO Power charging stations. All you need to do is park over it and let it wireless authenticate your car and then start to charge it up. Either before or after, you will receive notification on your smartphone that will confirm your payment.

It is seamless and could definitely lead to a more streamlined integration of electrical cars into our world. The system could even be brought up on your dashboard touchscreen system and point you to the nearest vacant charging station. Never again will you have to be stressed about your car running out of power. When this system will be incorporated into our cities and the world, is hard to say. I guess it depends on when we are all ready to switch to the more efficient and environmentally friendly electrical car.

HEVO Power – Proposed Wireless Charging Stations

HEVO Power Charging Station

HEVO Power Charging Station

HEVO Power Charging Station