Holographics Now Tell The Time On Your Wrist Watch

It’s quite evident that the time tellers on our wrists are getting ever more advanced.  Technology allows us to create more elaborate and futuristic designs where the time is no longer told by the analog tellers, but by LED lights shooting off in different directions.  At first, they appear to make no sense at all, but when you learn its secrets, it’s quite clear that you’re late for work by at least a couple of hours.  One can wonder why we would want to over complicate things when everything else is made to make things simpler.  Maybe it’s because of the fact that we want to stand out, look smart or just have something on our wrist that catches everyone’s attention.  And by all means it will, at least for a short while until most people know what that glowing light on your wrist is doing there.

So to step it up a notch, designer Matej Korytar has created the first 4D Watch, at least on paper.  It’s a wrist watch that will incorporate that mysterious holographic glass that we have seen in the HoloCube for example.  The projection appears to be floating in mid air, and with the glass completely scratch free, it will look like it actually is.

The technology is really in the wristband.  At first glance, it will come across as a bracelet that doesn’t make a complete loop around your wrist.  The digits float in mid air a half-an-inch over your skin and will probably leave a shadow further enhancing the illusion that it really is a hologram.  Whether this will become a reality is hard to say, but I truly hope it will.  It would truly progress 4D watches into the next era of cool.

Close Up of Holographic Watch

Black White 4D Wrist Watch

Black Wristband hand 4D Watch

Time Presented With Holographics