Hot and Cold Pet Tracker

Here is a design that was created for our beloved pets.  HOT-COLD comprises a pair of devices (collar for pet, display for owner) to help keep track of your beloved pet when out of sight wandering the neighborhood.

The collar is designed to replace the traditional collars that we are used to.  It has a built it LED illumination device that will allow its owners to track their pets.

It wirelessly communicates with the display device kept within the owner\’s reach. If the pet is close to the owner\’s display device, the collar illuminates blue (a cold glow) to indicate its proximity. If the pet wanders off further, the collar illumination switches to purple/red (a hot glow) to indicate it is a considerable distance from its owner. The illumination on the collar is to increase the visibility of the pet to avoid being run over by traffic.

The owner’s display device illuminates accordingly, using a series of concentric ring LED arrays. If the centre array (cold blue glow) illuminates, the owner is reassured that their pet is close by. Illumination of the outer rings (hot purple/red glow) tells the owner that their pet has wandered off and they may want to call him back home. The device gives off a pleasant glow and keeps the owner content about the whereabouts of their pet.