Hour Glass Traffic Lights: New Digitalized Ancient Approach

By the sound of it, there certainly seems to be a wave of new designs for pretty much everything that we encounter in our everyday life. With a mindset that nothing is ever finished being designed, there are people out there that constantly refine, invent and redefine our future in the most awesome ways imaginable. Sometimes it’s for the better, and sometimes it is just to update the boring look of things that should have had an overhaul ages ago to fit with the ever increasing visual and technological society that we live in.

Thanva Tivawong certainly thinks that our traffic lights need an update, and with a pretty radical new look as well. Long gone are the digital LED lights that show us when to stop, drive and wait. This is a more intuitive approach as it is called. However, I don’t know if I should like it or not because the way that they work now is pretty safe, as well as simple to understand. And believe me, there are people out there that still struggle to understand the ins and outs of traffic lights.

The Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights use a more ancient approach, however updated to the current era. It’s basically a LED light in the shape and form of an hour glass. The telling itself is still pretty intuitive, but it gives more comprehensive and fail safe information about when you are to stop, drive or wait. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of these in traffic. Maybe then I don’t have to be scared to death every time I cross a road in the future.