How Artificial Intelligence Is Enhancing The Gambling Industry

People are becoming more familiar with the concept and applications of artificial intelligence as it continues to become more prominent in our everyday lives. The successful commercialization of the technology in the form of products like Amazon’s Alexa line has the public knowingly utilizing artificial intelligence every day in some cases.

However, artificial intelligence has been used across a wide range of industries for many years now, with its vast capabilities continuing to be expanded in their applications. One industry that has recently been trying to apply artificial intelligence is the gambling industry.

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As you would assume, online casinos and gambling platforms were quick to adopt artificial intelligence, but it’s more difficult for a physical and mostly non-digitised venue like a land-based casino to apply the technology. Nevertheless, while striving to improve their offering and achieve greater sustainability, land-based casinos have been looking at the application of artificial intelligence.

To see how the application of artificial intelligence can and is enhancing the gambling industry, we shall first examine how it is used across the online gambling space, how it could progress in the future, and then how land-based casinos are using it to their advantage.

Applying The Power Of AI To Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence has many applications, but one of the most important in the modern world of the internet is in cybersecurity. As more of our daily activities and work practices take place online, the need for active and fast-adapting security becomes even more crucial. As there’s so much potential data and access available through the internet, there are more cyber threats than ever.

Online casinos know this, so many utilize AI online security to detect threats at incredible speed, continually test for threats, provide solutions to threats, and scan for and fix any holes found in the network it’s assigned to protect. While cybersecurity is crucial behind the scenes, an entertainment platform like an online casino also needs to deliver an enjoyable user experience.

One way in which online casinos can apply artificial intelligence to better their user experience is through analyzing movement across their website to see what parts are popular and what areas might be lacking in speed or visiting minutes.

Another very popular use of AI, as seen at Ninja Casino online, is to use its analysis of gaming sessions to present top pick or trending games on the homepage. Not only does this mean that players don’t need to search through hundreds of games to find a good one, but it also means that the front page is constantly evolving and changing, with new games breaking in to appeal to players.

So, while new games like Dragon Shard and Inferno Star are breaking onto the homepage as new titles, ever-popular creations like Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead and Starburst become mainstays. Artificial intelligence can also be applied to advertising by online casinos, with the technology tracking how best to serve advertisements to current players and potential players across the internet.

Enhancing customer services through the use of artificial technology is another means by which Medium details AI could further enhance online gambling, especially if the data collected on a player’s wins, losses, and transactions would be sent to them at their request.

If applied well, AI could help with the glut of customer service requests by responding to questions posed with answers based on the data provided that each user’s profile and its activity. Applying artificial intelligence in these ways for the purposes of customer support could save the online casino a lot of money in person-hours as well as provide a quick and easy-to-use service for players.

In the future, artificial intelligence could develop an even more prominent role in the online casino experience. Awareness for problem gamblers is on the rise with more being done by each website to protect their players from developing the issue.

Artificial intelligence could be developed to learn how to identify the early signs of addictive gaming and how to properly react to it, such as through prompts, blocks, or only allowing players to access free-play games for a cooldown period.

AI may even be applied to the games themselves as the industry continues to evolve. Over the past few years, developers have been toying with blurring the lines between video games and slot games to create a more hands-on gaming experience.

In many video games, artificial intelligence is applied to non-playable characters to determine how they react to the player’s actions. It may not be long before in-game interactions are a part of casino games if developers can crack the code of applying video game mechanics to gambling games.

Land-Based Casinos To Use AI’s Analytical Ability

For businesses across most entertainment industries, it’s relatively easy to predict the floor and ceiling when it comes to the real and potential spending of customers. As explained on LinkedIn, casino gamblers are very unpredictable when it comes to their contributions to the bottom line of a casino business.

The amount of money that each player takes from and pays to the casino differs greatly from player to player. While a casino may have a very positive night, it only contributes to the unpredictability of the venue’s earnings.

Mix in a lot of other variables that may encourage or discourage players from attending a casino; it’s clear to see that it’s very hard for venues to gauge their bottom line. So, what the gambling industry is trying to harness is the analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence. As it stands, the AI machine learning platforms are the very best when it comes to collecting and interpreting data to provide insights for people to utilize.

If AI technology can analyze all forms of data provided by patrons, such as how far they’ve traveled, how often they gamble, and what social media they use, it could provide astute insights into marketing techniques and help to get closer to identifying the bottom line.

While these applications of AI may not be established just yet, there are already instances of AI in some casinos for its entertainment value. It’s illegal to employ this at online casinos, but at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, there are AI Poker Bots that present a grand challenge to all who think they’ve mastered the card game.

Through its ability to collect, analyze, and offer insights into vast quantities of data in many different forms, it’s clear to see how artificial intelligence can help to bolster the land-based gambling industry. Online, AI is already helping to provide players with a more enjoyable and easier user experience.

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