How To Get Your Files Recovered From A Formatted Hard Drive

Hard drives getting formatted is a serious issue nowadays. We store most of our important data, work or study related on our hard drives, and is made up of fragile material any slight jerks can cause the disks to move and erase your whole data in a second. One of the major causes of hard drives to get formatted or lose data is due to viruses that we can get infected by when we download malicious software unintentionally.

One another reason for hard drive formatting is accidental formatting, which is a result of human error, and anyone of us can be a victim of accidentally formatting our storage units. In this guide, we will tell you how you can avoid data loss, and you can recover your lost precious data from a formatted hard drive.

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Preventing Data Loss

Data loss is eminent to every computer user, sooner or later every one of us is stuck at a point where your computer accidentally considers your essential file as a virus and deletes it, or you accidentally press format and delete all your data.

You can also lose grip on your hard drive transporting it from one device to another and causing your precious data handler to fall and get erased. All these circumstances point to one direction of saving and one only, which is backing up your data!

So if you are scared of losing your precious data you must timely create backups on another data storage device or as the technology is advancing day by day, online cloud backups also seem like a viable option to store sensitive data as it will come in handy when you wish to recover your formatted drive or even switch to a different storing unit on your computer and restoring your preset settings with ease.

How To Get Your Data Back?

So if you are one of those people who have lost your precious data by your hard drive getting formatted and you think you got no hope of getting it back, well fret not! Because I am here to aid you! If your hard drive has been formatted due to physical strain, then it is best to consult an expert and relatively speaking when the hardware is involved, restoring data seems kind of a problematic idea. However, in some cases, hard drives can still be physically repaired and become functional.

If your hard drive has been formatted through accident or by a virus, then you can easily get your data restored to you with many software available online. Salvage Data is one such software through which you can get your lost data recovered back to you without a hassle, for more information on this software visit here.


Hard drives getting formatted is a common phenomenon in today’s world, but thanks to the advanced software and data recovery experts, it is not a hassle to get our data returned to us safe and sound. However, it is recommended to keep a backup at all times to prevent any unfavorable circumstance that could lead to a formatted hard drive.

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