How To Keep All Your Sensitive Info Private

We live in a digital world where incredible technology transmits information around the world every second of every day. With newspapers carrying so many stories about private individuals, multinational corporations, and even political parties getting hacked, many people are preoccupied with their online security.

But the fact is, a non-digital security breach can be just as damaging. Read on to learn more about how professional shredding companies make sure that your paper documents and electronic devices don’t cause a security breach.

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Paper Shredding

Everybody has their own set of personal documents that are perfectly innocent, but they contain sensitive information that an identity thief could use for nefarious purposes. Here is a list of some such materials:

  • Tax forms
  • Banking records
  • Old contracts or business plans
  • Papers with other passwords on them
  • Social insurance information

These are routine documents required to open a bank account, start a new business, and many other things people do all the time. If they’re lying around your home, you need them shredded.

A company like Absolute Destruction offers shredding services that come right to your home and eliminate these documents from their mobile shredding truck. For larger volumes of paper to shred, they can still come to your location. But they’ll transport your documents to their facility where it will be securely shredded.

Electronic Shredding

Unsurprisingly, many people store information on electronic devices in their home or office. Eliminate these devices if they’re not being used, as they could be just a ticking time bomb.

Electronic devices can’t just be thrown into the garbage, because the information they’re storing would be still accessible. Instead, a professional shredder needs to pulverize the microchips on the device, so whatever the device stored can’t possibly be retrieved.

When shredding electronics, it’s also important to ensure that the components are recycled safely. Sometimes there are toxic materials that need to be handled delicately.

Be sure to hire a company with a long track record of responsible recycling because the need to reduce our carbon footprint can’t really be overstated. The best companies will help you recycle safely, and if you need them for commercial shredding, they can help your business achieve its carbon reduction goals.

Finally, sometimes data liability risks take unusual forms. The best shredding companies destroy any materials or documents storing sensitive information. This could include packaging, clothing with logos on it, ID or access cards, or even dental molds or X-rays.

A professional shredder can destroy any sensitive information at all, even the unique and unconventional forms produced by certain niche industries.

These days, it’s important not to take any form of privacy for granted. Make sure to look after your digital security too, but don’t get complacent and leave yourself vulnerable to non-digital threats. Call a professional shredder and get all your sensitive information on paper, electronics, and beyond eliminated today.

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