How To Know If Your Air Conditioner Needs Servicing

It is the onset of summer for most parts of the world, with the sun reemerging and temperatures heating up every other minute. During this time, most people look for ways to maintain a cold temperature in their homes, and maybe places of work. You need to make sure you are ready for the change with a well-functioning air conditioner. For maximum benefits, you need to evaluate your air conditioner to make sure it stays healthy for a long time. If you notice the following signs with your air conditioner, you should service it immediately.

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Restricted Airflow

If insufficient airflow is a common sign in your home, you should check your air conditioner. It means the device is not working efficiently. It could be a broken motor, clogged air filter, or even a more severe condition requiring attention. The HVAC experts of aircon servicing Singapore insist that you engage a professional to inspect your air conditioner and determine the servicing it needs. You can choose a flexible option that falls within your price range.

The professionals can fix that lockage that is preventing air from flowing. Just like every other machine, air conditioners can wear and tear. By skipping inspection from experts, your device may result in a severe issue that calls for significant repair. Therefore, regular maintenance is essential to keep it functioning and avoid costs incurred when mending considerable damage.

Bad Odors

When there is a bad smell in your environment, you should check if it comes from your AC. It can be bad for your health and also leave a bad impression on visitors and potential house buyers. Fortunately, the problem can be solved. You only need to make a quick diagnostic inspection to determine whether your AC needs a cleaning session or a simple tune-up.

If you don’t seem to understand the problem with the machine, it would be best to hire the services of a professional. Some issues need a high-tech solution. You could also try using ultraviolet lamps to eliminate any possible microbial growth in the device. The other effective option for removing bad smells is duct cleaning. It helps wipe away accumulated odor issues from your AC.

Atypical Noise

A bizarre sound is also a sign that your air conditioner needs servicing. The noise is usually louder than usual. It could be a banging, screeching, or grinding noise. These signs are an indication that there is something wrong inside the AC. It would help if you inspected for loose belts, broken components, or debris. A quick checkup helps prevent significant unit damage.

In most cases, the noise comes when starting the machine before it shuts down. You can try lubricating the parts of the unit in case there is a broken motor bearing. If this doesn’t work, you might need to do a replacement of the system. Before you think of spending on a new AC, it would help if you first contact a professional. It could be a simple problem that only needs repairing.


The AC needs to remain dry at all times. Moisture or water accumulation on the unit means that mildew and mold could result. If you notice moisture with the system, fast attention is in your best interest. The humidity in the AC may be caused by a broken or blocked condensate drain that needs maintenance. This condition could also create a leakage with the AC. If there is a blockage in the tubes, it is a less severe problem.

However, it could be a more serious problem if there is a refrigerant leak. If this is your case, you need to prepare as it can be costly to repair. To avoid significant issues, take immediate action. Leaving the refrigerant unrepaired can be dangerous to both animals and people in your home.

Increased Cooling Bills

In case you are wondering why your energy bills are increasing, you might think of checking your AC. The air conditioner can be a prime suspect under such circumstances. Before you check anything else, start by inspecting the system. It should be your first choice because an air conditioner consumes the most energy in our homes and workplaces. You can solve excessive energy costs by servicing your AC.

With a healthy and properly functioning AC, your energy bills should be reasonable. But if they are spiking every other day, it is an indication you need to service the system. Be sure to save money by ensuring that you have a comfortable and calm environment with the necessary preventive maintenance for your air conditioner.

The signs highlighted in this article can cause significant problems if neglected. These issues can be attributable to a lack of AC maintenance that is less costly and time-consuming than replacement. Have an inspection regularly, and if you notice problems, be sure to contact professionals for help. You don’t want visitors or other family members to suffer because of your ignorance.

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