Tag Photos With Your Vital Signs: Possible Way To Customize Pics More

If you thought there wasn’t a way to make photos even more personalized, think again. At any given moment, each human being has a very unique set of vital signs that are specific to that moment in time. If Sony has their way, we may be able to tag our photos with our own vital signs sooner rather than later. Our vital signs are affected by all kinds of things in our lives.

For example, our body temperature and pulse rate might rise while we’re in the company of someone we’re attracted to. Imagine taking a snapshot of that biological data and attaching it to a romantic photo. The things that would potentially be included in this vital signs time stamp would be body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level and skin conductance. All of this information is based on a patent that Sony applied for recently. You can view it here on the United States Patent & Trademark Office website.

It would potentially allow these tags to be added to both videos and photos. The way it would all work seems simple. There would be a sensor attached to our mobile device’s camera. When we snap a photo, the sensor would capture our biological data. When our device stores the photo, it would also store our vital signs. This information could be found in the same place where the time and date of the photo are stored.

This is an innovation that was most likely imagined to be used in the medical industry somehow. Like perhaps transmitting photos with this information to directly to doctors, but then again, who knows? It could end up being the next best thing for personalizing photos even more. I’m sure people who are concerned about online privacy will cringe when reading about this. I mean, unless you’re going to include a blood sample with your DNA, your vital signs are about as personal as it can get.

Soon We May Be Able To Tag Photos With Our Own Vital Signs


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