How To: Build A Jet Pack From Garbage

Haven’t you always wanted to know how to build one of these? I have. Well, maybe not exactly; however, jet packs or rocket packs are geeky and cool, and always will be.

It’s fun to think about what it would be like to put on a jet pack, hit the buttons on the handles and fly up in the sky, Buzz Lightyear style. After all, we’ve been watching them in the movies for years. People everywhere have tried to make homemade jet packs. You can find the videos all over YouTube.

Allison (love that geeky girl), over at Instructables (love that geeky site), made a rocket pack from items you can pretty much find in your recycle bin. She was inspired by the 1991 movie “The Rocketeer.” You can make this for a costume or just for some random weekend fun. Better yet, wear it to impress that geeky guy you’ve had a crush on for a while. All you’ll need is some empty soda bottles, some empty shampoo bottles, an empty jam container, some empty cardboard cereal boxes and a paper towel tube. You can read step-by-step how to put it all together here. According to her personal blog, Allison says this cost her a total of $0 to make. Nice job!

[via Instructables]