How To: Create A Timeline

If you have deadlines to meet at work, or personal deadlines you set for yourself, it is always better and less nerve wracking if you do a timeline. I feel that everyone truly benefits by creating one. They are also great for projects that you feel you need to track progress on to see if you are getting delayed or if you are on time.  Creating a timeline if you do not have the right tool can be tedious, or you might forget to input some details necessary for a task to be accomplished.

I do timelines for work, and it helps me give clients a guide for how work is progressing. It also allows them to see that it takes so much time to create something and it helps them to appreciate that there is a process that is followed for certain projects.

I found a site that can actually help you set your own timeline.  The site is called Preceden.  Preceden can help you create a timeline in minutes. In addition, the great part of it is that you just need to sign up and the tool is absolutely free.  Other ideas for timelines include: coordinate a get together, research history, track your startup, organize a vacation, mastermind Thanksgiving dinner, learn about family history, plan a revolution, etc…

Here is a sample timeline.  You can check more timeline examples HERE.

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