How To: Create Your Own iPad Arcade Game Console

We have written about the return of some rather cool classic arcade console cabinets recently, so I thought it would be fitting to let you in on a little secret. How would you like to have you very own home arcade gaming cabinet without having to spend a fortune on the darn thing? It’s rather easy, and you will have hours and hours of fun with it. All you need really is an iPad and a little pocket money and you’re off to a good start in this rather cool build.

I am not blessed with an arcade cabinet at the office (like some other fortunate people I know, you know who you are!) but I would really enjoy kicking some butt in Pac Man or Asteroid every now and then during the limited breaks I get from the computer. It kinda serves as an inspiration boost if you will.

Having a ton of gadgets around you that you’ll know will brighten up even the rainiest days is such a blessing, and this little thing of beauty certainly fits right into that slot. And, you don’t have to push those coins into it either. Nope, just bash on the power and have yourself an uncontrolled rush back in time to the memories where everything moving on a screen was about the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.