How To: Fit The iPad Snuggly Into Your Car Dashboard

It would be a tremendous understatement to say that the iPad hasn’t been a huge success. On the first day it was released, it sold over 300,000 and more is to be expected. Apple announced that they had problems meeting the demands of the many pre-orders they had been receiving. However, after the first day statistics were reported, there were still some iPads available at some stores around the US. There was a stream of “premiere” articles and demos happening that same day and they probably won’t stop anytime soon.

Alyssa Milano sent her first tweet from her iPad announcing the use of an iPad on Twitter. Several others tried to download and review games, books, apps and whatever else there is to do on an iPad. However, there was one thing that people just didn’t think of or even dare to dream about… to add the iPad into a car dashboard giving it the ultimate touch screen multimedia experience.

The guys at SoundMan Car Audio decided to give it a try and cracked open the owner’s own dashboard to fit the custom assembled and built system. The iPad works as the main station for the audio but gives so much more to the dashboard of this car. Instant news, instant messages, Internet, apps… everything you can dream of and all of it just a touch of a button away.

What else can you wish for? I mean, imagine that huge touch screen panel right there on your dashboard! You now longer have to wait. Just check out this video they created of the “Making Of” or “How To” rather. It’s a testament to genius ingenuity and makes for a kickass ride. I need to fit one in my Dodge Nitro… NOW!