How To Get Flash Video on iPhone/iPod Touch

One of the downsides of the iPhone is that it’s not yet capable to show Flash apps/videos in the Safari browser. It’s quite annoying if you ask me and I hope everyday that they will hook it up. To my understand it has to do with the extreme download times the websites sometimes would have if enabled. Then again, maybe there is another issue in work as well not making it that suitable to have Flash apps/videos enabled on the iPhone Safari browser.

However, I managed to find a video on how to enable Flash video on the iPhone and thought I’d bring it to you all. I haven’t yet tried it out but will right after I have put this little post together for you all. If it works I will be one happy camper and I guess some people out there will be as well. But, judging from the comments of this YouTube clip I am in short supply of hope it will ever work. But I think it’s worth a shot non the less.