How To: Make Your Android Phone Invisible!

Here’s one of those must show apps that sometimes comes to our attention at Bit Rebels. I am not an Android phone owner myself, but I have long been thinking about getting one just to have both sides of the story so to speak (obviously I am an iPhone owner at present time). Even though this app isn’t enough to make me buy an Android phone, it sure looks cool when you look at it. It gives reality yet another level of Minority Report feel to it.

The technology behind the app is quite simple really. All the app really does is add a layer of continuous video feed to the background (wallpaper) of the phone and voila. It’s a really good thing if you’re used to walking while texting. It will certainly keep you from bumping into people or even light posts, which is probably your main concern.

The app doesn’t have magical powers, and it will not give you super human strength of any kind. However, it sure will give you another level of vision, and a pretty cool little view of the world from inside your Android phone. If I had an Android phone, I would surely install it just to check it out for myself rather then peaking at someone else’s. So go ahead and become a little more bionic. The app is called Road SMS and is developed by Samsung. (Are we all rapidly becoming Robocop?)