How To: Turn A Boring Nightlight Into Awesome!

When I was a child, I could not sleep in a dark room. I always needed to have a small light on. My dad would leave the nightlight in the bathroom on and keep the door in our room open just a little so we could have a little bit of light while we fell asleep. Thank goodness for nightlights. They allow us to have light at night, which is especially nice if you are a scaredy cat like me.

However, the usual nightlights that we see are the ones with a small bulb that comes with a portable  wall installation unit. It can be quite boring if you are the type who likes to add a bit of zing to your room. Now there is a way to turn a boring nightlight into something awesome! It’s with a cool product made by one of our favorite brands… LEGO!

The LEGO® Portable LED Brick Light is, for lack of a better word, awesome. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s made by LEGO®, but also because it’s incredibly bright, comes with batteries (yes!) and is designed for portability. The LEGO® LED Brick Light includes a mounting plate for installing the unit on a wall or underneath a cabinet. Because the wall plate snaps into the back of the light like normal LEGO® bricks, the unit can easily be removed for a late-night trip to the kitchen or bathroom.

We all grew up with the cool brick toys, now we can decorate our rooms with this very cool nightlight.  Who says growing up can’t be as fun!