Humans vs. Computers: Which One Is Smarter [Infographic]

For decades, computers have slowly been inching their way into our daily lives. That is no surprise to anyone, and we’ve written about it many times. One interesting part of it all to me though is how some computers are starting to take on human characteristics. I’ve read before that human beings will accept robot-like computers into their lives more if the robots (or computers) are more like us, meaning more human. It all sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. Siri is a perfect example, and her clever and charming personality is something we can all relate to. Even the fact that we call her a “her” shows that we are becoming increasingly accepting of computers that resemble us.

Two years ago, I wrote about a robot who officiated a wedding and married a couple in Japan. Back then, everyone thought it was so strange, and that it was just another crazy event in Japan. But now, only two years later, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched at all. Some scientists say that in only four or five decades from now, robots will be completely accepted into our society to the point where a woman will be able to program her dream man with all the characteristics she wants.

So now the only question I have is… Who is really smarter, humans or computers? Dell attempts to answer that question in this infographic called Humans vs. Computers. They measured the intelligence of both humans and computers in twelve different categories. Their verdict is – humans are still smarter – at the moment.


Via: [Dell]