CamRanger: Professional Wireless iDevice Remote Shutter

This is a topic I always like delving into further. Cameras and smartphones have long been devices on which you can snap a photo, twiddle with it, and then upload it to your favorite social networking platform. However, taking a photo of yourself has always been quite a difficult task. I can’t for my life understand why there aren’t more solutions on the market that simplify the process. I wrote about the iCA remote shutter not too long ago, but it came with a cord. Maybe you want to take a photo at a distance, then what? Have you tried to set your camera on a timer, run to the location where you want to stand and then act as if nothing happened? It’s not an easy task. Well, that’s where the CamRanger wireless remote shutter comes to our aid.

The CamRanger wireless remote shutter is a little gadget that when connected to a bunch of different cameras will enable you to snap a photo at a distance without having to worry about an annoying cord. Now that is progress I certainly appreciate. It’s small in size, quick to equip, and by the looks of it, a dream to use.

You can even check your photo on your iOS device before you click the shutter button. Yup, it’s really that easy. Imagine the possibilities. No more running back and forth, and definitely no more weird angles when trying to take a picture of you and your friends. It’s currently made available by Amazon, and this awesome gadget costs $299.99. But you have to hurry if you want to get this one since there is currently only one available before the stock is out. I guess this professional wireless remote shutter gadget is quite popular. I am just happy that innovators are making progress when it comes to wireless remote shutters. Maybe now we’ll be able to actually take good photos we really want to upload and share.

CamRanger Wireless Remote Shutter System

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