iFan: Charges Your iPhone Using Pure Wind Power!

There have been many products that recharge your iPhone and mobile devices once they are out of power, and by the looks of things, the constant flood is not about to stop anytime soon. Of course some are nothing but ideas and concept designs, and some are even spoofs that are created to give us a daily smile and laugh. However, there are products out there that actually do have a purpose and are very real even though they come across as a virtual joke. We’ve long been harnessing the wind for power, and lately we’ve even started harnessing the waves, but the wind seems to be of constant interest to scientists all over the globe.

For Tjeerd Veenhoven it was a no brainer to choose wind a power as a source when he designed the iFan. It’s a portable device that you can just slip out of your bag and insert your iPhone into. The iFan is created out of rubber so it can withstand heavy jolts, and after your batteries have gone scuba diving, you can even use it to recharge them back to life. However, don’t expect it to be in a blink of an eye.

The mere fact that it takes about 6 hours to charge the battery from empty to full is a clear motivator to do something else other than constantly monitoring the baseball scores or that Twitter account you’re obsessively following. What should be noted here is that 6 hours is with the current fan blade configuration. Tjeerd makes a point to say that with some modifications, the time it takes to charge your phone can drastically be cut. But for now, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, and if you are in no need of your phone for half the day, the iFan is the right gimmick for you.