Illuminated Beer – Sure To Get The Party Started!

You’re at the restaurant, and you’re waiting for your friends to drop in and join you at the table. Other people are scrambling around to find their tables, but you sit quietly awaiting the beer that you just ordered. You don’t so much care about having to wait cause you know that as soon as the beer arrives, the party will start. The funny thing is that it’s not the beer that will pull you into that party mode, it’s what comes along with it.

And all this is thanks to designer Carlos Zanotti Cavazzoni of Raver Studio. He has come up with something that is surely going to make you say “Damn, this is cool!” the first time you see it. So what is it? It’s illuminated beer of course!

Yes, that’s right, it will make you go Star Wars on your friends asses, and you will do it in style. The bottom of Carlos’s designed glass is an energy source with a LED light (which can be chosen in different colors of course – blue, green or red) which illuminates the beer from underneath it.

The effect is going to make your beer not only look odd, but beautiful. You are sure to know exactly where your friends are if you all order the same color. It’s a great little party trick, and it’s sure to raise some eyebrows. It’s a nice little concept for a new bar maybe. Cheers!