Interior Design Trend: Illuminated Thread – It’s Your Time To Shine

We have seen it before, however not with textiles and thread. We recently published an article about glowing sneakers and people seemed to like it quite a bit. The trend seems to be that we should illuminate ourselves more and more. And I am not talking about learning stuff here. I am basically talking about lighting up like a Christmas tree when we’re dressing up for a night out or just a walk in the park when the sun is no longer shining.

Kathy Schicker of Puff and Flock has come up with a way to make thread light up when the lights go out. Her designs are mostly found on pillows and blankets, but are also on other things as well. This innovative approach to make our beds and couches even more magical is inspiring and leaves us craving more.

Imagine going to bed in the evening with a blanket that is lighting up the bedroom. It would almost be like going to bed in the jungles of the Avatar movie. Everything shines and is lit up. The next step is adding these threads to a pair of jeans or a cool t-shirt design. It isn’t far off if you ask me.

I predict that Kathy will soon start creating all kinds of clothes where she ingeniously incorporates these new and very much ’80s style light up threads to make out the patterns and silhouettes of our soul inhabited bodies. Will we end up like glow sticks in the night before this all passes? That’s a question I would like to have answered.