How To Use Technology To Keep Your Restaurant Cutting Edge

There isn’t a segment of society that has been untouched by the rapid advancement of technology in the 21st century. The restaurant industry is certainly not immune to technological shifts. There may still be small-town restaurants or antiquated bistros that operate as they always have in the past, but those establishments are few and far between.

[pullquote]Instead, modern restaurants have seen the infiltration of technology in everything from the way people order to the way the food is cooked.[/pullquote] Those restaurants that have utilized some of these advances in ingenious ways tend to stand out from the competition on both local and national levels.

If your restaurant has a specific technological need, find a custom software development company that can design a solution that’s perfectly tailored for your establishment. Here are some of the trends to watch in the restaurant world.

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Convenient Ordering

For those restaurants that offer delivery service, it makes sense that there is some way for customers to order using their smartphones, tablets or computers. It’s a much more efficient way for a time-strapped customer to place an order than waiting on the phone to get through to a busy restaurant. Restaurants might also encourage this kind of interactivity by adding rewards that are only available to customers who order online.

Restaurant Apps

Once the domain of only chain restaurants that operated on a national level, restaurant apps have become much more widespread with the ubiquity of apps for every possible use. One of the best ways you can utilize an app for your restaurant is to develop a customer loyalty program through its usage. In addition, an app can work in conjunction with social media by encouraging customer feedback on menu items or other initiatives to see which are working and which need to be rethought.

The Wireless Hub

One of the reasons for the coffee shop boom at the turn of the millennium was that most of those shops offered wireless service for those who brought in their laptops or other devices. Restaurants might not consider this kind of service essential, but, if they are trying to develop loyal customers looking for something extra from their restaurant experience, easy access to wireless might be the way to go.

Tableside Tablets

This is another fast-spreading use of technology in the restaurant world. One of the ways to streamline the restaurant experience for time-strapped customers is to have a tablet or some sort of mobile device available on each table to allow for ordering and paying. This reduces the time spent waiting for someone to wait on customers. It can also reduce overhead by allowing for fewer wait staff at busy times. The quicker ordering and bill paying also means quicker turnover at each table, which means more business each night.

These are just a few of the ways that technology is making its way into the restaurant world. If you’re in charge of a restaurant yourself and haven’t made steps similar to these, it might be time to think about it.

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How To Use Technology To Keep Your Restaurant Cutting Edge

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