Illuminated Fabric Now Available To Tronify Our World

The first time we were introduced to Tron was back in 1982. Fast forward 28 years, and we were again treated to the amazing world of Tron: Legacy. Many people have speculated about whether we’ll see a third movie within this franchise, and even though it has been quiet for a while, things look quite good. Plenty of sources have said that Tron 3 is practically a done deal and filming could begin as early as 2014. For Tron fans all over the world, this should be welcomed news. But what is being done to tronify our own world? For a while after Tron: Legacy was released, we saw a bunch of pretty neat Tron inspired products, and now, a few years later, there is another one. This time around, it’s all about illuminated fabric and what it can be used for.

A new breed of illuminated fabric has been lurking around on the Internet for a few months now, and it’s something that could possibly have a profound impact on a lot of the endeavors in our lives. My first thought is of course security. Imagine wearing an illuminated fabric t-shirt when you want to go exercise in the evening. It would ensure that vehicles will definitely see you and keep a safe distance from you when passing by.

This illuminated fabric virtually has unlimited utilization potential, and I would be surprised if it doesn’t become a key feature in many designs in the near future. The fact that it can be run on batteries and give off the same intensity of light as it would with the accompanying adapter is quite amazing. This will for sure help tronify our world one string of light at a time. This illuminated fabric is not cheap though. A bedspread will set you back around $520.00, but you will be sleeping safe and sound in your own little world of heavenly light. We’ll have to wait and see what the manufacturers, LumiGram, will be able to create out of this quite amazing innovation. One thing is clear though, and that is the the world is going to be a whole lot more bright.

LumiGram’s Illuminated Fabric Innovation

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Via: [Daily Mail]